German TENTE apprentices visited HUPFER

The apprentices of TENTE-ROLLEN GmbH visited the company HUPFER

A few months ago the apprentices of the company HUPFER and their training supervisors visited TENTE-ROLLEN GmbH. Now the return visit took place!

HUPFER is a manufacturer and supplier of commercial catering equipment, medical technology and wire works technology. Besides a company tour at which they were shown how TENTE casters are processed further to HUPFER products, they received further information about the education at HUPFER. The visits take place every 3 years and, this time, was a complete success again! “We are always looking for new ideas and improvements to make the education for everybody more interesting and valuable,“ says Lutz Theis, training manager at TENTE-ROLLEN GmbH. “For example the idea to make a short stay of 3 or 4 weeks at the other company. But this is only one of many ideas... We will see!“