Noise reduction for quality of life

Noise has been proven to have an influence on our well-being. Noise and unpleasant sounds caused by transport and work equipment in the various fields of application can affect our quality of life, annoy third parties and, in extreme cases, even have health consequences.

Noise reduction is therefore one of the most important disciplines in our product development process. Where castors are concerned, various acoustic sources come into play – starting with the running noises of the wheel and mechanical sounds caused by the operation of brakes, through to noises caused by steering movements. The connection between the castor and the transport device is also relevant from an acoustics point of view. At this connection, vibration transmission and corresponding resonance noises can occur. During our development process, we keep all these parameters in mind and take targeted action to ensure an optimal sound design. By selecting the perfect mix of materials and the right treads and by adjusting the wheel geometry, we are able to influence the noise of the moving wheels. The use of appropriate high-quality components, such as wheel bearings with excellent running and damping properties, also makes a contribution.

With regard to the operation, our focus is on reducing the noise of the mechanical elements. Improvements include the installation of dampening spring elements as well as the use of form-fit instead of force-locking wheel brakes. We counteract any possible resonance in the wheel body or in the castor housing by including vibration dampers, which demonstrably reduce the drum effect. Finally, we also develop solutions to effectively decouple vibration transmission at the point where the castor connects to the transport system. Please feel free to contact us for advice on this topic. We are at your disposal.